Iced Coffee Yo!

Ok, we all know how Loki loves His coffee, and well the other Gods are pretty keen on it, too.  I know Thor doesn’t mind a cuppa, and neither does Odin, but it’s SOOOOO HOT where I live right now. Crazy hot.  Like stupid crazy.  So, I’ve figured out that iced coffee is great!  Not too hard to make, if you have prep time and a decent blender.

I own a Ninja Blender.  Vitamix will do well, too, it just needs to do a darn good job at crushing/pulverizing ice.

now, my hint.  I make a pot of coffee, then I pour it into ice cube trays to let it freeze!  I do this with whatever leftover coffee I have in the pot at the end of the morning.

I pop about 3 or 4 cubes per person out of the tray, and dump them in my blender.  I add a few spoon fulls of sugar, (I like my iced coffee the consistency of Tim Horton’s Iced Capp btw)  Some chocolate milk, or even better, Flavoured creamer, like, hazelnut, French Vanilla or whatever.  you can use different creamers for different people, just make sure you blend in different batches is all, milk is good too.  Milk and creamer *nodnod* or Ice cream and creamer *nodnodnod*

Well, what you do is you pulse the blender to crush the frozen coffee.  then you add whatever creamy and sweet deliciousness to the coffee slush.  Pour, and serve!  Caffeine on a hot day with no trip to the coffee shop because dude, it’s hot out.


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