Stock 101

Aaalrighty.  We all know that the foundation of a great sauce, or soup, is a great stock.  Now, we usually get the stuff in a can or a box, or even worse, cubes, from the grocery store, because making stock?



Well you’re wrong if you think that.  Simply, if you have a slow cooker, or sleep you have time Fo dat.

Here are some basic recipes.  Note: The vinegar is one of those MUST DO  because it helps leech all the minerals from the bones and aids in the dissolution of the cartilage.


Ok y’all, this is pretty simple. You take 2 chicken carcasses, as in what’s left after you eat most of the meaty goodness off of the birds, and chuck it in a pot with a few carrots, some celery sticks some onions, and garlic all chopped up. Fill with cold water then dump a few tablespoons of white vinegar.

Cover and bring to a boil

Reduce heat and simmer for 24hrs, strain and bottle, voila stock done. Freezes well.

The vinegar leeches the minerals from the bones, and the 24hr cooking time renders the cartilage and collagen (including the glucosamine) into the stock. Creating a cheap glucosamine suppliment.

You can use this for turkey (1 carcass) as well. Btw don’t be afraid if it turns into a glop of gel, that’s good.

Best results are obtained with free range birds.

To remove fat easiest chill in fridge and remove solidified fat



A few beef marrow bones, no meat…
A few pounds of meaty beef bones, like the stew ossobucco or short ribs.

First, put the marrow bones in a crock pot and barely cover with water, add vinegar. Let soak for 2hrs, while soaking, bake the meaty bones in the oven for the 2hrs. Remove the meaty bones and put in the water, deglaze pan over high heat with water, scraping all the bits off the bottom, empty into pot.

Add the carrots, celery onion garlic and a bundle of fresh thyme. Cover, and cook on low for 3 days, replenishing the water as needed.

Strain, and chill to remove fat, bottle and freeze

Fish stock:

take the bones and head of whatever fish you want to use (white fish like cod and halibut are best) and put in water with veg and a titch of lemon juice. Simmer for 3 hrs,strain and bottle and freeze. (We don’t do this one due to allergies)

Now:  here’s the fun bit.  For Turkey, Duck, and other Fowl and/or Rabbit, you follow the Chicken cooking method.

For Pork/Ham, you follow the Beef method

Easy peasy!


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